Samsung 07272010 Cell Phone User Manual

Switch between the front and rear camera lens: Press
[ ] Switch camera.
Customise video call settings: Press [ ]
Settings and then select an option (Preset image,
Show me, and Use call fail options).
Use the other party's image: Tap and hold the other
party's image. You can capture an image of the screen or
record the video call.
Use your image: Tap and hold your image. You can
adjust the brightness, zoom in or out on the image using
the rear camera lens, or apply the blur effect to your
image using the front camera lens.
View and dial missed calls
Your phone will display calls you have missed.
To dial the number of a missed call:
1. Open the shortcut panel.
2. Select the missed call.
Use additional features
You can use various other call-related features, such as
auto rejection, call diverting, or call barring.
To set auto rejection and set up the reject list:
You can use auto rejection to automatically reject calls from
specific numbers.
1. In Idle mode, select Applications Settings Call
settings All calls Auto reject.
2. Select Enable auto reject to activate auto rejection.
3. Select Auto reject list.
4. Press [ ] Create.
5. Enter a number to reject and select Save.
6. To add more numbers, repeat steps 4-5.