Samsung 07272010 Cell Phone User Manual

getting started with your phone
You can also use the following keys:
Number Function
1 Change case.
2 Switch between Number/Symbol mode and ABC
3 Change the text input method or access the keypad
settings (tap and hold).
4 Clear your input.
5 Start a new line.
6 Insert a space.
Copy and paste text
While you are entering text, you can use the copy and paste
feature to use the same text in other applications.
To copy and paste text:
1. Tap and hold the text input field.
2. Select Select text in the option list.
3. Drag your finger across the text you want to highlight.
4. Tap and hold the highlighted text.
5. Select Copy to copy, or Cut to cut the text onto the
6. In another application, tap and hold the text input field.
7. Select Paste to insert the text from the clipboard into the
text field.
Number Function