Samsung 07272010 Cell Phone User Manual

Require pattern: Set the phone to require the unlock
pattern each time you turn it on. By doing this, you can
prevent unauthorized people from unlocking the phone.
Use visible pattern: Set the unlock pattern to be visible
or invisible as you draw it.
Use tactile feedback: Set the phone to vibrate when
you touch and draw the unlock pattern.
Set up SIM card lock:
Lock SIM card: Lock your SIM card by activating the
PIN requirement. You need to enter the PIN supplied
with your SIM card.
Change SIM PIN: Change the PIN used to access
your SIM card.
Mobile tracker: Activate or deactivate the mobile tracker
feature, which helps you to locate your phone when it is
lost or stolen. p. 21
Set mobile tracker: When you activate the mobile
tracker ( p. 21), you can customise the following
The setting options may differ depending on your
region or service provider.
Set recipient: Set up recipients to receive a tracking
message from your lost phone.
Samsung account: Set up your Samsung web
account to control your lost phone remotely.
Change password: Change the password for the
mobile tracker feature.
Help: Access help information for the mobile tracker
Visible passwords: By default, the phone displays your
password as for security. Set the phone to display
your password as you enter.