Samsung 07272010 Cell Phone User Manual

Before taking a photo, select to access the
following settings:
Setting Function
Guidelines Display guidelines on the preview
Review Set the camera to display the taken
GPS Set the camera to include location
information for your photos.
To improve GPS signals, avoid
shooting in locations where the signal
might be obstructed. For example,
between buildings or in low-lying
areas, or in poor weather conditions.
Shutter sound Set the camera shutter to make a
sound when capturing a photo.
Storage Select a memory location for storing
captured photos.
Reset Reset menus and shooting options.
Capturing video
To capture a video:
1. In Idle mode, select Applications Camera.
Auto contrast Automatically adjust the contrast
between the subject and background.
Blink detection Set the camera to alert you when
people close their eyes.
Image quality Set the quality level for your photos.
Adjust Adjust the contrast, saturation, and
Option Function Setting Function