Samsung 07272010 Cell Phone User Manual

personal information
2. Press [
My profile.
3. Enter your details.
4. Select Save.
You can send your namecard by attaching it to a
message or email or by transferring it using
To retrieve contacts from your community accounts:
You can view the list of community website accounts and
select an account to add a contact from the website to your
phone contacts.
1. In Idle mode, select Contacts.
2. Press [
Get friends.
3. Select an account.
To create a group of contacts:
By creating groups of contacts, you can manage multiple
contacts and send messages or email to an entire group.
Start by creating a group.
1. In Idle mode, select Contacts Groups.
2. Press [
3. Enter a name and select a ringtone for the group.
4. Select Save.
To copy contacts:
1. In Idle mode, select Contacts.
2. Select a contact.
3. Press [ ] and select a copy option (from the phone to
the SIM card or vice-versa).