Samsung 07272010 Cell Phone User Manual

getting started with your phone
Double-tap: Tap twice quickly with your finger to zoom in
or out while viewing photos or web pages.
Your phone turns off the touch screen when you do
not use the phone for a specified amount of time. To
turn on the touch screen, press [ ] or [ ].
You can also adjust the backlight time. In Idle mode,
Applications Settings Sound and
display Screen timeout
To lock or unlock the touch screen and keys:
You can lock the touch screen and keys to prevent any
unwanted phone operations.
To lock, press [ ].
To unlock, turn on the touch screen by pressing [ ] or
[ ]
, and then flick the grey window with your finger.
Get to Know the Idle Screen
When your phone turns on or is in Idle mode, the Idle screen
is displayed. From this screen, you can access various
features and status information.
The Idle screen has 7 panels. Scroll left or right to a panel
on the Idle screen. You can also select a dot on the top of
the screen to move to the corresponding panel of the Idle
Add items to the Idle screen:
You can customize the Idle screen by adding shortcuts to
applications or items in applications, widgets, or folders.
To add items to the Idle screen:
1. Press
[ ]
2. Select the item category and then select an item:
Samsung Widgets: Add Samsung widgets to the
Idle screen.