Samsung 07272010 Cell Phone User Manual

getting started with your phone
Use the Touch Screen
Your phone’s touch screen lets you easily select items or
perform functions.
To avoid scratching the touch screen, do not use
sharp tools.
Do not allow the touch screen to come into contact
with other electrical devices. Electrostatic
discharges can cause it to malfunction.
Do not allow the touch screen to come into contact
with water. The touch screen might malfunction in
humid conditions or when exposed to water.
For optimal use of the touch screen, remove the
screen protection film before using your phone.
Your touch screen has a layer that detects small
electrical charges emitted by the human body. For
best performance, tap the touch screen with your
To control the touch screen:
Tap: Tap once with your finger to select or launch a
menu, option, or application.
Tap and hold: Tap an item and hold it for more than 2
seconds to open a pop-up option list.
Scroll: Tap and drag your finger up, down, left, or right to
move to items on the list.
Drag and drop: Tap and hold your finger on an item and
then drag your finger to move the item.
To only use your phone’s non-network services,
switch to Flight mode. Press and hold
[ ] and
select Flight mode.