Samsung 07272010 Cell Phone User Manual

health and safety information
The SAR value of a phone is the result of an extensive
testing, measuring and calculation process. It does not
represent how much RF the phone emits. All phone models
are tested at their highest value in strict laboratory settings.
But when in operation, the SAR of a phone can be
substantially less than the level reported to the FCC. This is
because of a variety of factors including its proximity to a
base station antenna, phone design and other factors. What
is important to remember is that each phone meets strict
federal guidelines. Variations in SARs do not represent a
variation in safety.
All phones must meet the federal standard, which
incorporates a substantial margin of safety. As stated above,
variations in SAR values between different model phones do
not mean variations in safety. SAR values at or below the
federal standard of 1.6 W/kg are considered safe for use by
the public.
The highest reported SAR values of the
GSM850: Head: 0.17 W/Kg; Body-worn: 0.34 W/Kg
GSM1900: Head: 0.18 W/Kg; Body-worn: 0.53 W/Kg
UMTS V: Head: 0.22 W/Kg; Body-worn: 0.18 W/Kg
UMTS II: Head: 0.33 W/Kg; Body-worn: 0.56 W/Kg
2.4 GHz WLAN: Head: 0.10 W/Kg; Body-worn: 0.04 W/Kg
Owner’s Record
The model number, regulatory number and serial number
are located on a nameplate inside the battery compartment.
Record the serial number in the space provided below. This
will be helpful if you need to contact us about your phone in
the future.
Model: GT-I9000M
Serial No.: