Samsung 07272010 Cell Phone User Manual

recipients. (You must insert the SIM card to use this
Auto reject: Enable or disable the auto reject feature
and specify a list of callers to automatically reject.
Answering call: Set how to answer calls by pressing
any key or set the phone to answer automatically after a
specified amount of time.
Prefix dialling: Activate prefix dialling and set up prefix
dialling numbers.
Reject call with message: Select a message to be sent
to a caller when you reject a call.
Call status tones: Activate or deactivate the call
connection tone, minute minder tone, or call disconnect
Alerts on call: Activate or deactivate alerts during a call.
Voice call
Call forwarding: Divert incoming calls to another
Call barring: Block incoming or outgoing calls.
Call waiting: Specify options for handling an incoming
call when you are already on a call.
Auto redial: Activate auto redial for automatically
redialling a call that was not connected or was cut off
during a call.
Video call
Preset image: Select an image to be shown to the other
Show me: Set whether to show your live image or a
preset image to the other party.
Use call fail options: Select whether or not to retry a
voice call when a video call fails to connect.