Samsung 07272010 Cell Phone User Manual

Show web suggestions: Set the phone to display
suggestions while you are entering a keyword.
Search history: Set the phone to show the search
history of your Google account.
Manage search history: Manage the search history
of your Google account.
Searchable items: Select the types of items to include in
your search.
Clear search shortcuts: Clear the information from
recent searches.
Locale and Text
Change the settings for text input.
Select locale
Select a display language for all menus and applications,
and a writing language for all text editors.
Select input method
Select your preferred method of inputting text using Swype
or the Samsung keypad.
Language: Select a language for text input.
You cannot enter text in some languages. To enter
text, you should change the writing language to one of
the supported languages.
Auto-spacing: Set the phone to automatically insert a
space between words.
Auto-capitalization: Set the phone to automatically
capitalise the first letter after a final punctuation mark,
such as a period, question mark, or exclamation mark.
Word Prediction: Set the phone to predict words
according to your input and to display word suggestions.