Samsung 07272010 Cell Phone User Manual

7. When you are finished, press [ ] More Clear
To share your location using Google Latitude
You can share your location with your friends and view your
friend’s locations using Google Latitude
1. In Idle mode, select Applications Maps.
2. Press [ ] Join Latitude.
3. Press [ ] Add friends and select an option.
4. Select the friends that you want to add or enter an email
address and select Add friends Yes.
When your friend accepts your invitation, you can share
You can view the marks that indicate the locations of your
friends by pressing [ ] See map.
YouTube is a free online video streaming service. You can
view and share videos using YouTube.
This feature might not be available in your region.
To watch videos on YouTube:
1. In Idle mode, select Applications YouTube.
2. Select a video from the list.
3. Rotate the phone counter-clockwise to switch to the
landscape view.