Samsung 07272010 Cell Phone User Manual

Mobile AP
The Mobile AP feature sets your phone to be a wireless AP
(Access Point) to connect to the internet on other network
1. In Idle mode, select Applications Settings
Wireless and network Mobile AP settings.
2. Select Mobile AP to activate the Mobile AP feature.
3. Select OK to confirm.
4. From another phone, locate your phone's name in the
available connection list and connect to the network by
entering the appropriate password in the WPA field.
TV Connections (TV Out Mode)
You can connect your phone to a TV and view the phone’s
interface on the TV screen.
1. In Idle mode, select Applications Settings
Sound and display TV out.
2. Select TV out to activate TV out mode.
3. Select TV system.
4. Select a video encoding system according to your
Option Function
PAL Australia, Austria, Belgium, China,
Denmark, England, Finland, Germany,
Italy, Kuwait, Malaysia, Netherlands, New
Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Spain,
Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand
NTSC Canada, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Taiwan,
5. Ensure that the TV is on and connect your phone to the
TV with a TV out cable.