Samsung 07272010 Cell Phone User Manual

Use secure credentials: Use certificates and
credentials to ensure secure use of various applications.
Install encrypted certificates: Install encrypted
certificates that are stored on a memory card.
Set password: Create and confirm a password for
accessing credentials.
Clear storage: Erase the credential contents from the
phone and reset the password.
Change the setting for managing installed applications.
Unknown sources: Select to download applications
from any source. If you do not select this option, you can
only download applications from the Android Market.
Manage applications: Access the list of the applications
installed on the phone and check the application
information. To view the applications that are currently
running or third-party applications installed additionally,
press [ ] Filter Running, Third-party, or All.
Running services: View the services that you are using
and access them to manage them.
USB debugging: Select to connect your phone to a
PC by using a PC data cable. This is for application
Stay awake: Set the phone’s screen to stay on while
charging the battery.
Allow mock locations: Allow mock locations and
service information to be sent to a Location Manager
service for testing. This is for application
Samsung Apps: Select a network connection (Wi-Fi or
packet switched data network) to get application update
notification from Samsung Apps.