Samsung 07272010 Cell Phone User Manual

To go to the quick list, from the music player main screen,
select Playlists Quick list. To save the quick list as a
playlist, press [ ] Save as playlist.
To customise music player settings:
1. In Idle mode, select Applications Music Player.
2. Press [ ] More Settings, or press [ ]
3. Adjust the following settings to customise your music
Option Function
Equalizer Select a default equaliser type.
Effect Select a sound effect.
Music menu Select music categories to display on the
music library screen.
Visualization Display an animated visualization during
FM Radio
You can listen to music and news on the FM radio. To listen
to the FM radio, you must connect the supplied headset,
which serves as the radio antenna.
To listen to the FM radio:
1. Plug the supplied headset into the phone.
2. In Idle mode, select Applications FM Radio.
3. Select to turn on the FM radio.
The FM radio automatically scans for and saves the
available stations.
The first time you turn on the FM radio, you are
prompted to start automatic tuning.