Samsung 07272010 Cell Phone User Manual

WOW HD™ significantly improves the playback
quality of audio, delivering a dynamic 3D
entertainment experience with deep, rich bass and
high frequency clarity for crisp detail.
To access the album list:
1. In Idle mode, select Applications Music Player.
2. Rotate the phone counter-clockwise to switch to the
landscape view. The display switches to the album view.
3. Scroll left or right to an album.
4. Select the album image to begin playback.
5. Select or to pause or resume the current
6. Select to switch to circle view.
7. Drag around the circle to select a track.
To switch to another category, select All and then select
a category.
8. Select to switch back to album view.
To create a playlist:
1. In Idle mode, select Applications Music Player.
2. Select Playlists.
3. Press [ ] Create.
4. Enter a title for the new playlist and select Save.
5. Select Add music.
6. Select the files that you want to include and select Add.
During playback, you can add files to a playlist by pressing
[ ] Add to playlist.
To add songs to the quick list:
You can add songs to the quick list and save them as a
playlist. During playback, press [ ] Add to quick list
to add the current song to the quick list.