Samsung 07272010 Cell Phone User Manual

4. For a multimedia message, select to view the
Listen to voicemail messages
If you have set missed calls to be diverted to voicemail,
callers can leave a voice message when you do not answer
incoming calls.
To access your voicemail inbox and listen to voicemail
1. In Idle mode, select Phone Keypad, and tap and
hold 1.
2. Follow the instructions on the voicemail server.
You must save the voicemail server number before
accessing the server. Your service provider can give
you the number.
Google Mail™
You can retrieve new email messages from Google Mail
to your Inbox. When you access this application, the Inbox
screen appears. The total number of unread messages
displays in the title bar and the unread messages display in
bold. If you have labelled a message, its label appears in a
coloured rectangle on the message.
This feature might not be available in your region.
To send an email message:
1. In Idle mode, select Applications Google Mail.
2. Press [ ] Compose.
3. Enter a name or address in the recipient field.
4. Enter a subject and message.