Samsung 07272010 Cell Phone User Manual

5. Press the Volume key to zoom in or out.
6. Select to start recording.
7. Select to stop recording.
The video is saved automatically.
The camera might not be able to properly record
videos to a memory card with a slow transfer speed.
After capturing videos, select to view the captured
Scroll left or right: View more videos.
Play: Play a video.
Delete: Delete a video.
Share: Send a video to others.
Customise the camcorder settings
Before capturing a video, select to access the
following options:
Option Function
Outdoor visibility Select the appropriate lighting
Timer Select the length of delay before the
camera starts recording a video.
Resolution Change the resolution option.
White balance Adjust the colour balance to suit the
lighting conditions.
Effects Apply a special effect, such as sepia
or black and white tones.
Video quality Set the quality level for your videos.
Adjust Adjust contrast, saturation, and