Samsung 07272010 Cell Phone User Manual

health and safety information
Knowing Radio Frequency Safety
The design of your phone complies with updated NCRP
standards described below. In 1991-92, the Institute of
Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the
American National Standards Institute (ANSI) joined in
updating ANSI’s 1982 standard for safety levels with respect
to human exposure to RF signals. More than 120 scientists,
engineers and physicians from universities, government
health agencies and industries developed this updated
standard after reviewing the available body of research. In
1993, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
adopted this updated standard in a regulation. In August
1996, the FCC adopted hybrid standard consisting of the
existing ANSI/IEEE standard and the guidelines published
by the National Council of Radiation Protection and
Measurements (NCRP).
Maintaining Your Phone’s Peak Performance
There are several simple guidelines for operating your
phone properly and maintaining safe, satisfactory service.
Speak directly into the mouthpiece.
Avoid exposing your phone and accessories to rain or
liquid spills. If your phone does get wet, immediately turn
the power off and remove the battery. If it’s inoperable,
return it to a dealer store or call Customer Support for
For the best care of your phone, only authorized
personnel should service your phone and
accessories. Faulty service may void the warranty.