Samsung 07272010 Cell Phone User Manual

Enable Tip Indicator: Activate the indicator for quick
Audio Feedback: Turn on or off audio for the Swype
Vibrate on keypress: Set the phone to vibrate when you
touch a key.
Display Trace: Set how long the trace of your dragging
will display on the keyboard.
Word Choice Window: Set how often the word list will
Speed vs. Accuracy: Set the balance for the speed and
Auto-select word after: Set the timeout to insert words
Swype Help: Access help information for using the
Swype keyboard.
Tutorial: Learn how to enter text faster with the Swype
Version: View the version information.
Samsung keypad
Keypad types: Select the default input method, such as
the QWERTY keyboard, traditional keypad, or
handwriting screen.
Writing language: Select a language for text input.
You cannot enter text in some languages. To enter
text, you should change the writing language to one of
the supported languages.
XT9: Activate XT9 mode to enter text using Predictive
input mode.
XT9 advanced settings: Activate the advanced features
of XT9 mode and set up your own word list.
Keypad sweeping: Enable the sweeping feature for the
keypad input method. You can enter text by sweeping
keys instead of tapping.