LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

Section 2G: Using the Phone’s Calendar and Tools 87
Using Your Phone’s Calendar
Adding an Event to the Calendar
Your Calendar helps organize your time and reminds you of
To add an event:
1. SelectMenu > Tools > Scheduler.
2. Using your navigation key, highlightthe day to which
you would like to add an event and press Add (left
Tip: Press the navigation key up or down to scroll by week through the
3. Select a time for the event by highlighting the time field
and pressing .
Using your keypad and/or navigation key, set the
startand end time for the event and press .
4. Select a title for the event by highlighting [Content] and
pressing .
Enter the event title and press . (See “Entering
Text ”.)
5. Select a repeating status for the event by highlighting
the repeat field and pressing .
HighlightNone, Daily, Mon - Fri, Weekly, Monthly, or
Yearly and press .
6. Select an alarm time for the event by highlighting the
alarm field and pressing .
HighlightNone, On time, 5 minutes, 10 minutes,
1 hour, 1 day, or2 days and press .
Calendar & Tools
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