LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

88 Section 2G: Using the Phone’s Calendar and Tools
7. Select a ringer type for the alarm by highlighting the
ringer field and pressing .
To select a ringer menu, selectOptions > Single
Tones/Ring Tones for preprogrammed ringers or
Options > Voice Memo/My Content/In Phone/
8. Press Save (leftsoftkey) to save the event.
There are several ways your phone alerts you to scheduled
By playing the assigned ringer type.
By illuminating the backlight.
By flashing the LED.
EventAlert Menu
When your phone is turned on and you have an eventalarm
scheduled, your phone alerts you and displays the event
summary. To silence the alarm and resetthe schedule,
press .
To view additional options, press the appropriate softkey.
Details(rightsoftkey) displays the event detail screen.
Snooze(left softkey) silences the alarm and schedules it to
replay again in 10 minutes.
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