LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

20 Section 2A: Your Phone – The Basics
Navigating Through Phone Menus
The navigation key on your phone allows you to scroll through
menus quickly and easily. The scroll bar at the right of the
menu keeps track of your position in the menu at all times.
To navigate through a menu, simply press the navigation key
up or down. If you are in a first-level menu, such as Settings,
you may also navigate to the next or previous first-level menu
by pressing the navigation key right or left.
For a diagram of your phone’s menu, please see “Your Phone’s
Menu”on page ii.
Selecting Menu Items
As you navigate through the menu, menu options are
highlighted. Select any numbered option by simply pressing
the corresponding number on the phone’s keypad. You may
also select any item by highlighting it and pressing
For example, if you want to view your last incoming call (in
Grid view):
1. Press to access the main menu.
2. SelectCall History by pressing or by highlighting it
and pressing . (It may already be highlighted.)
3. SelectIncoming Calls by pressing or by highlighting it
and pressing . (If you have received any calls, they are
displayed on the screen.)
Note: For the purposes of this guide, the above steps condense into
“SelectMenu > Call History > Incoming Calls.”
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