LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

Section 2B: Controlling Your Phone’s Settings 41
Adjusting the Phone’s Volume Settings
You can adjust your phone’s volume settings to suit your
needs and your environment.
To adjust your phone’s volume settings:
1. SelectMenu > Settings > Sounds > Volume.
2. SelectRinger, Earpiece, Key Beep, Application, or Power
3. Using the navigation key, choose a volume level and
press .
Tip: You can adjust the ringer volume in standby mode (or the earpiece
volume during a call) by using the volume key on the left side of your
Alert Notification
Your phone can alert you with an audible tone when you
change service areas, once a minute during a voice call, or
when a call has been connected.
To enable or disable alert sounds:
1. SelectMenu > Settings > Sounds > Alerts.
2. SelectService Change,Minute Beep,Call Connect,or
Signal Fade and press .
3. SelectOn or Off and press .
Your Phone’s Settings
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