LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

110 Section 2I: Using Your Phone’s Built-in Camera
Settingsto select Cue Sound, or Full Screen. (See “Selecting
Video Settings”below for details.)
Review/Send Media to display the videos saved in the In
Phone folder / to send the video.
Camera Mode to switch to Camera mode. (See “Taking
Pictures” for details.)
Selecting Video Settings
To select your video settings:
1. From camcorder mode, selectOptions > Settings.
2. Select one of the following options and press :
Cue Sound to select a cue sound (Cue 1~3,or Off).
Full Screen to expand the camcorder display to
full-screen view without icons (exceptthe flash
Storing Videos
Your phone’s video storage area is called My Albums. There are
two types of folders in the My Albums menu that can be used
separately according to your needs:
In Phone(See “In Phone Folder”on page 105.)
Online Albums
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