LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

130 Section 3A: Service Features – The Basics
Voicemail Notification
There are several ways your phone alerts you to a new
By displaying a message on the screen.
By sounding the assigned ringer type.
By the LED blinking red.
By displaying at the top of your screen.
New Voicemail Message Alerts
When you receive a new voice message, your phone alerts you
and prompts you to call your voicemail.
To call your voicemail:
Press and hold .
Note: When you are roaming off the available network, you may not receive
notification of new voicemail messages. Itis recommended that you
periodically check your voicemail by dialing 1 + area code + your wireless
phone number. When your voicemail answers, press (
) and enter your
passcode. You may be charged roaming rates when accessing voicemail
while roaming off the available network.
Note: Your phone accepts messages even when itis turned off. However,
you are only notified of new messages when your phone is turned on and
you are on the network available to you.
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