LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

78 Section 2F: Using Contacts
Finding Contacts Entries
There are several ways to display your Contacts entries: by
name, by speed dial number, and by group. Follow the steps
outlined in the sections below to display entries from the
Contacts menu.
Finding Names
To find Contacts entries by name:
1. SelectMenu > Contacts > Find/Add Entry.
2. Scroll through all the entries using your navigation key.
– or –
Enter the first letter of a name or partof a name.
3. To display an entry, highlight it and press .
4. To dial the entry’s default phone number, press .
– or –
To display additional Contacts entries, press the
navigation key left or right.
Shortcut: From standby mode, press Contacts(right softkey) to display the
Contacts feature.
Finding Group Entries
To find entries designated as part of a group:
1. SelectMenu > Contacts > Groups.
2. Scroll through the group titles using your navigation key.
To display entries belonging to a group, highlight the
group and press .
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