LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

Section 2F: Using Contacts 83
6. Scroll to Set Speed Dial and press . (A confirmation
will be displayed.)
7. Press Done(left softkey) to save the new speed dial
Note: If you attemptto assign an already in-use speed dial location to a new
phone number, a dialog will appear asking if you wish to replace the existing
speed dial assignment. SelectYes to assign the location to the new phone
number and delete the previous speed dial assignment.
My Information
You can view your phone number, edit your personal data, and
send a vCard via Bluetooth using the My Information feature.
To access to My Information:
1. SelectMenu > Contacts > My Information.
Editing a Contacts Entry
To make changes to an entry:
1. Display a Contacts entry.
2. Scroll to <EditEntry>and press .
3. Highlight the partof the entry you wish to edit (Name,
Group, Ringer, etc.) and press .
4. Add or edit the desired information and press .
5. Press Done (left softkey) to save your changes.
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