LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

58 Section 2C: Setting Your Phone’s Security
Locking Pictures
To turn picture lock on or off :
1. From the Security menu, scroll to Picture Msg and
press . Scroll to LockPictures and press .
2. HighlightLock and press .
Changing the Lock Code
To change your lock code:
1. SelectMenu > Settings > Security, and then enter your
lock code. (The Security menu is displayed.)
2. SelectChange Lock Code, and then enter and re-enter
your new lock code.
Calling in Lock Mode
You can place calls to 911 and to your special numbers when in
lock mode. (For information on special numbers, see “Using
Special Numbers”.)
To place an outgoing call in lock mode:
To call an emergency number, or special number,
enter the phone number and press .
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