LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

Section 3B: Data Services 151
Once you’ve learned how to use softkeys and scroll, you can
startnavigating the Web.
To select onscreen items:
Use the
key to highlightthe desired item, then
press the desired softkey button (or press
Tip: You’ll find thatthe left softkey is used primarily for selecting items. This
softkey is often labeled “OK”.
Tip: If the items on a page are numbered, you can use your keypad (number
keys) to selectan item. (The tenth item in a numbered list may be selected by
pressing the 0 key on your phone’s keypad, even though the number 0
doesn’t appear on the screen.)
Links, which appear as underlined text, allow you to jump to
different Web pages, select special functions, or even place
phone calls.
To select links:
Highlight the link and press the appropriate softkey.
Going Back
To go back one page:
Press the key on your phone.
Note: The BACK key is also used for deleting text (like a BACKSPACE key)
when you are entering text.
Data Services
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