LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

Section 2D: Controlling Your Roaming Experience 67
Checking for Voicemail Messages While Roaming
When you are roaming off the available network, you will not
receive on-phone notification of new voicemail messages.
Callers can still leave messages, but you will need to
periodically check your voicemail for new messages if you are
in a roaming service area for an extended period of time.
To check your voicemail while roaming:
1. Dial 1 + area code + your phone number.
2. When you hear your voicemail greeting, press .
3. Enter your passcode at the prompt and follow the voice
When you return to the available network, voicemail
notification will resume as normal.
SettingYour Phone’s Roam Mode
Your phone allows you to control your roaming capabilities. By
using the Roamingmenu option, you can determine which
signals your phone accepts.
Choose from three differentsettings on your dual- band phone
to control your roaming experience.
To set your phone’s roam mode:
1. SelectMenu > Settings > Roaming > Set Mode.
2. To select an option, highlight itand press .
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