LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

66 Section 2D: Controlling Your Roaming Experience
Roaming on Analog Networks
When you roam on analog networks, you will experience a
similar quality provided by other analog carriers today.
Although some features, such as data services, will be
unavailable, you can still make and receive calls and access
voicemail. If you are accustomed to network service, you may
notice some of the following differences when using analog
You are more likely to experience static, crosstalk,
fade-out, and dropped calls.
Some features which are standard on the available
network, such as call waiting, data services, and direct
international dialing, may be unavailable.
Though callers can leave voicemail messages while you
are roaming, you will not receive notification until you
return to the available network. (See “Checking for
Voicemail Messages While Roaming”.)
There are security and privacy risks (eavesdropping and
cloning) that exist with conventional analog services
Your battery’s charge will deplete more quickly and you
will need to recharge it more often when you use your
phone for analog roaming.
Note: When using your phone in analog mode, the phone may feel warm.
This is normal for analog operation.
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