LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

Section 3B: Data Services 147
Launching a Data Services Connection
To launch a Data Services connection:
SelectMenu > Web. (Your Data Services connection will
open and the Data Services home page will be displayed.)
Shortcut: You can also press the Left softkey to access the Web.
Note: If Net Guard is enabled and displayed (see below), press OK(right
softkey) to continue and access the Web.
While connecting, the following will appear on the screen:
Internet Connecting...
If you had a previous Data Services connection, the lastpage
you visited will be displayed when you launch your browser.
When this occurs, you may not see the “Connecting...”
message when you launch the session. Though the browser is
open, you are not currently in an active data session– thatis,
no data is being sent or received. As soon as you navigate to
another page, the active session will open and you will see the
Data Services
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