LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

124 Section 2J: Using Bluetooth
Pairing Bluetooth Devices
Add Device
The Bluetooth pairing process allows you to establish trusted
connections between your phone and another Bluetooth
device. When devices are paired, a passkey is shared between
devices, allowing for fast, secure connections while bypassing
the discovery and authentication process.
To pair your phone with another Bluetooth device:
1. SelectMenu > Bluetooth > Add Device > <Search>. (Your
phone will display a list of discovered in-range Bluetooth
2. Select the device you wish to pair with and press .
3. Enter the passkey and press .
Supported Services
Audioto use Bluetooth audio devices, such as headsets or
hands-free kits. The menu for "Connect/Disconnect" can
be found under "Bluetooth-Trusted Devices."
Dial-up Networking to use your phone as a modem to
connect to the Internet. While your phone is connected to
a PC or PDA, you can dial up the phone to connect to the
Internet. The menu for "DUN Enable/Disable" can be
found under "Bluetooth Settings."
Send vCard/vCalendar (OPP)to send a vCard or a vCalendar
in your phone to other Bluetooth-enabled devices. The
menu for "Sending vCard" can be found under
"Contacts/Find/Add Entry." The menu for "Sending
vCalendar" can be found under "Tools/Scheduler."
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