LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

146 Section 3B: Data Services
Getting Started With Data Services
This section will help you learn the basics of using your
Data Services, including managing your user name, launching
a Vision connection, and navigating the Web with your phone.
Your User Name
When you buy a phone and sign up for service, you’re
automatically assigned a user name, which is typically based
on your wireless phone number.
When you use Data Services, your user name is submitted to
identify you to the available network. The user name is also
useful as a way to personalize Web services, and as an online
virtual identity.
Your user name will be automatically programmed into your
phone. You don’t have to enter it.
Finding Your User Name
If you aren’t sure what your Data Services user name is, you
can easily find it online or on your phone.
To find your User Name:
You can find your user name under the Phone Info option
in your phone’s Settingsmenu (Menu >Settings>Phone
Info > Version).
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