LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

Section 2G: Using the Phone’s Calendar and Tools 91
Using Your Phone’s Alarm Clock
Your phone comes with a built-in alarm clock with multiple
alarm capabilities.
To use the alarm clock:
1. SelectMenu > Tools > Alarm Clock.
2. SelectAlarm 1, Alarm 2, Alarm 3, or Quick Alarm.
3. Turn the alarm on or off by highlighting the activation
field and pressing .
SelectOn or Off and press .
4. Select a time for the alarm by highlighting the time field
and pressing .
Using your keypad and/or navigation key, set the
alarm time and press .
5. Select a repeating status for the alarm by highlighting
the repeat field and pressing .
HighlightOnce, Daily, Mon - Fri, or Weekends and
press .
6. Select a ringer type for the alarm by highlighting the
ringer field and pressing .
To select a ringer menu, selectOptions > Single Tones
(or Options> Ring Tones) for preprogrammed ringers,
or Options > Voice Memo/My Content/In Phone/
GetNew, and press .
7. Press Save(leftsoftkey) to save your alarm settings.
Calendar & Tools
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