LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

Section 3B: Data Services 155
2. Select an option to continue:
SelectUse/Run/Viewto assign the downloaded
item (or to startit, in the case of a game or
application). Your Data Services session will end and
you will be redirected to the appropriate phone
menu screen.
SelectSetasto assign a ringer or screen saver to a
phone function.
SelectSettingsto configure downloaded games or
SelectShopto browse for other items to download.
Press to quit the browser and return to standby
Using My ContentManager
Whether you purchase your Premium Services content from
your phone, all of your purchases are stored in My Content
Managerand may be downloaded to your phone from there.
My ContentManager is a storage area on the available network
that is assigned specifically to your account. It allows you to store
all of your Premium Service downloadable files. The files remain
in My Content Manager – even after you have downloaded the
contentto your phone – until their license terms have expired.
This provides you with a convenientplace to access information
about your downloaded files without having to store the
information in your phone’s memory.
To access My Content Manager:
From the Data Services home page, select Downloads >
My ContentManager. (A list of your purchased items will
be displayed.)
Data Services
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