LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

Section 2B: Controlling Your Phone’s Settings 51
Airplane Mode
Airplane Mode allows you to use many of your phone’s
features, such as Games, Notepad, Voice Memos, etc., when
you are in an airplane or in any other area where making or
receiving calls or data is prohibited. When your phone is in
Airplane Mode, it cannotsend or receive any calls or access
online information.
To set your phone to Airplane Mode:
1. SelectMenu > Settings > Setup/Others > Airplane Mode.
(The Airplane Mode disclaimer is displayed.)
2. Read the disclaimer and press .
3. SelectOn or Off and press .
While in Airplane Mode, your phone’s standby screen will
display “Phone off.”
Note:If Airplane Mode is set to On, this mode is automatically reactivated
when you power off or reset the phone.
Your Phone’s Settings
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