LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

138 Section 3A: Service Features – The Basics
Emailto enter the recipient’s email address.
RecentListto select a recipient from your recent
2. Press to save the recipient. (To include additional
recipients, inputa new phone number or email address.
You may include up to 25 recipients per message.)
3. Press Next (left softkey ) when you have finished
selecting/entering recipients, and compose a message
or use the preset messages or smileys (emoticons) and
press .
To type a message, use your keypad to enter your
message. Use the right softkey to selecta character
input mode. (See “Entering Text”.)
To use a preset message or a smiley, press the right
softkey, select Presetmessages or Smileys, and then
highlight your desired message or emoticon and
press .
Note: For more information about using and managing preset messages,
see “Managing Preset Messages”.
4. Scroll to Priorityand press your navigation key right or
left to set the message priority (Normalor Urgent).
5. If you wish to change your callback number, scroll to it
and press , then select None, My Phone Number, or
Other, and press . (If you select Other, enter the
desired number and press .)
6. Press Send(left softkey ) to send the message.
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