LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

Section 2A: Your Phone – The Basics 25
Answering a Roam Call With Call Guard Enabled
Call Guard is an option thathelps you manage your roaming
charges when making or receiving calls while outside the
available network. Please see Section 2D: Controlling Your
Roaming Experience for more information about roaming.
To answer a call when you are roaming and Call Guard is enabled:
SelectAnswerto answer the call. (See “Call Guard” for
additional information.)
Ending a Call
To disconnecta call when you are finished:
Close the phone or press .
Missed Call Notification
When an incoming call is not answered, the Missed Call log is
displayed on your screen.
To display the Missed Call entry from the notification screen:
Highlight the entry and press . (To dial the phone
number, press .)
To display a Missed Call entry from standby mode:
1. SelectMenu > Call History > Missed Calls.
2. Highlight the entry you wish to view and press .
Phone Basics
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