LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

Section 2A: Your Phone – The Basics 11
9. Accessory Jack allows you to connectoptional accessories,
such as a USB cable.
CAUTION!Inserting an accessory into the incorrectjack
may damage the phone.
10. Digital Camera allows you to take sharp, high-resolution
digital pictures.
11. Flash/MWI allows you to take pictures indoors or at night
and also functions as a MWI(Message Waiting Indicator).
12. Charger Jack connects the phone to the battery charger.
13. Microphone allows other callers to hear you clearly when
you are speaking to them.
14. Navigation Key scrolls through the phone’s menu options
and acts as a shortcutkey from standby mode. You may
also customize the navigation shortcuts in the Settings
menu (see “Shortcuts”on page 53).
Press Upto access Messaging.
Press Downto access MyContent.
Press Right to access Find/AddEntry.
Press Left to view your Calendar.
15. Camera Keys allows you to access the Pictures menu with
the press of a button in standby mode. Press and hold to
automatically launch the camera.
16. End (Power) ends a call. Press and hold this key for two
seconds to turn your phone on or off. While in the main
menu, it returns the phone to standby mode and cancels
your input.
17. Menu/OK displays the phone's main menu from standby
mode. It also selects the highlighted choice when
navigating through a menu.
Phone Basics
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