LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

60 Section 2C: Setting Your Phone’s Security
Restricting Your Phone
There may be occasions when you want to limit the numbers
your phone can call. You can use the Restrict Calls setting to do
just that. (The Restrict Calls setting does not apply to
incoming calls, calls made to 911.)
To restrict your phone:
1. SelectMenu > Settings > Security, and then enter your
lock code. (The Security menu is displayed.)
2. SelectRestrictCalls.
3. SelectUnlock, Except 911, ExceptSpecial #s, or Except
Contacts and press .
Unlockallows all calls to be made withoutany
restrictions (defaultsetting).
Except 911 restricts all outgoing calls (except911).
ExceptSpecial #s allows you to call only the 10
numbers stored in the Special Number section in the
Security menu.
Except Contactsallows you to call only the entries
saved in the Contacts.
Note:“Lock Code”is displayed when your restriction is set to Contacts Only
and you make a call to a saved number or try to edit an existing entry.
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