LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

74 Section 2E: Managing Call History
5. Use the keypad to type in the new entry name and
press .
– or –
Use your navigation key to scroll through your existing
Contacts entries, highlighta name, and press .
6. Use your navigation key to select a phone number type
(Mobile, Home, Office, etc.) and press .
7. Press Done(left softkey) to save the entry.
After you have saved the number, the new Contacts entry is
displayed. (See “Contacts Entry Options”.)
Note: You cannot save phone numbers already in your Contacts or from
calls identified as No IDor Restricted.
Prepending a Phone Number From
Call History
If you need to make a call from Call History and you happen to
be outside your local area code, you can add the appropriate
prefix by prepending the number.
To prepend a phone number from Call History:
1. Select a Call History entry and press .
2. Scroll to Prepend and press .
3. Enter the prefix and press to call the number.
– or –
Scroll to Save and press to save the amended
number in your Contacts.
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