LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

Section 2J: Using Bluetooth 119
Section 2J
Using Bluetooth
In This Section
Turning Bluetooth On and Off (page 120)
Using the Bluetooth Settings Menu (page 121)
Bluetooth Profiles (page 123)
Pairing Bluetooth Devices (page 124)
Your phone features built-in Bluetooth technology, allowing
you to share information more easily than ever before.
Bluetooth is a short-range communications technology
that allows you to connectwirelessly to a number of
Bluetooth devices, such as headsets, hands-free car kits,
and Bluetooth-enabled handhelds, PCs, printers, and
wireless phones. The Bluetooth communication range is
usually up to approximately 10 meters (30 feet).
This section details how to set up and make the most of
your phone’s Bluetooth capabilities.
Using Bluetooth
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