LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

Section 2B: Controlling Your Phone’s Settings 43
Changing the Backlight Time Length
The backlight setting lets you select how long the display
screen and keypad are backlit after any keypress is made.
To change the backlightsetting:
1. SelectMenu > Settings > Display > Backlight.
2. SelectMain LCD, SubLCD or Keypad.
3. Select a time setting and press .
Note: Long backlightsettings affect the battery’s talk and standby times.
Changing the Display Screen
Your new phone offers options for whatyou see on the display
screen while powering on or off and when in standby mode.
To change the display images:
1. SelectMenu > Settings > Display > Screen Saver.
2. SelectMain Display or Sub Display.
3. Selected Preloadedor InPhone.
4. Use the navigation key to selectan image and press
to view the image. (Once an image is displayed, you can
use your navigation key to scroll through and view the
other default images.)
– or –
SelectOptions > In Phone. Use the navigation key to
highlight your selection and press to view images.
5. Press to assign the desired image.
Your Phone’s Settings
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