LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

Section 2B: Controlling Your Phone’s Settings 49
Callback Number
1. SelectMenu > Settings > Messaging > Callback Number.
2. SelectNone, My Phone Number, or Otherand press .
(If you select Other, enter a number and press .)
Deleting Old Messages
You can delete messages thatyou’ve already read whenever
you like, or you can have your phone delete them
automatically for you.
To automatically delete read messages:
1. SelectMenu > Settings > Messaging > Auto-Delete.
2. SelectOn or Offand press .
Adding a Customized Signature
Each message you send can have a customized signature to
reflect your personality.
To add a customized signature to each sent message:
1. SelectMenu > Settings > Messaging > Signature > Custom.
(If you do not wish to attach a signature to your outgoing
messages, select None.)
2. Enter your signature and press .
Your Phone’s Settings
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