LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

76 Section 2F: Using Contacts
Section 2F
Using Contacts
In This Section
Adding a New Contacts Entry (page 77)
Finding Contacts Entries (page 78)
Contacts Entry Options (page 80)
Adding a Phone Number to a Contacts Entry (page 80)
Editing a Contacts Entry’s Phone Number (page 81)
Assigning Speed Dial Numbers (page 82)
My Information (page 83)
Editing a Contacts Entry (page 83)
Selecting a Ringer Type for an Entry (page 84)
Dialing Services (page 85)
Now that you know the basics that make it easier to stay in
touch with people and information, you’re ready to explore
your phone’s more advanced features. This section explains
how to use your phone’s Contacts listand helps you make the
most of your contacts and time when you are trying to
connect with the importantpeople in your life.
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