LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

162 Section 3B: Data Services
Data Services FAQs
How will I know when my phone is ready for Data Services
Your user name will be displayed when you access Menu >
Settings > Phone Info > My Phone Number.
How do I sign in for the first time?
You are automatically signed in to access Data Services when
you turn on your phone.
How do I know when my phone is connected to Data Services?
Your phone automatically connects when data service is used
or an incoming message arrives. Your phone will also display
the icon. (Connecting takes about 10-12 seconds.)
Can I make calls and use data services atthe same time?
You cannot use voice and Data Services simultaneously. If you
receive a call while Data Services service is active, the call will
be forwarded to voicemail. You can place an outgoing call
anytime, but itwill interrupt any in-progress Data Services
When is my data connection active?
Your connection is active when data is being transferred.
Outgoing calls are allowed; incoming calls go directly to
voicemail. When active, the indicator flashes on your
phone’s display screen.
When is my data connection dormant?
If no data is received for 10 seconds, the connection goes
dormant. When the connection is dormant, voice calls are
allowed. (The connection may become active again quickly.)
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