LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

Section 2B: Controlling Your Phone’s Settings 55
Dialing Match
Your dialing match options allow you to enable or disable
Abbreviated Dialing and Speed Dialing.
To set your dialing match options:
1. SelectMenu > Settings > Setup/Others > Dialing Match.
2. SelectAbbreviated Dialing, Contacts Match, or Speed Dial
and press .
3. SelectEnabled or Disabledand press .
4. (Abbreviated Dialing only.) If you enable Abbreviated
Dialing, enter a five- or six-digit number and press .
Text Entry
1. SelectMenu > Settings > Setup/Others > Text Entry.
2. Read the information and press .
3. SelectAuto-Capital, Word Choice List, Word Prediction,
Word Completion,or Helpand press .
Display Language
You can choose to display your phone’s onscreen menus in
English or in Spanish.
To assign a language for the phone’s display:
1. SelectMenu > Settings > Setup/Others > Language.
2. SelectEnglish or Español and press .
Your Phone’s Settings
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