LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

Section 3B: Data Services 157
Exploring the Web
With Web access on your phone, you can browse full-color
graphic versions of your favorite Web sites, making it easier
than ever to stay informed while on the go. Follow sports
scores and breaking news and weather and shop on your
phone anywhere on the available network.
In addition to the features already covered in this section, the
Data Services home page offers access to these colorful,
graphically rich Web categories, including News, Weather,
Entertainment, Sports, Money, Travel, Shopping, and Tools, as
well as useful management options including My Account and
Search. Many sites are available under more than one menu –
choose the one that’s most convenientfor you.
Using the Browser Menu
Navigating the Web from your phone using the Data Services
home page is easy once you get the hang of it. For details on
how to navigate the Web, select menu items, and more, see
“Navigating the Web”.
Although the Data Services home page offers a broad and
convenient array of sites and services for you to browse, not all
sites are represented, and certain functions, such as going
directly to specific Web sites, are notavailable. For these and
other functions, you will need to use the browser menu. The
browser menu offers additional functionality to expand your
use of the Web on your phone.
Opening the Browser Menu
The browser menu may be opened anytime you have an active
Data Services session, from any page you are viewing.
Data Services
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