LG Electronics 350 Cell Phone User Manual

Section 2H: Using Your Phone’s Voice Services 95
Managing Voice Memos
You can use your phone’s Voice Services to record brief memos
to remind you of important events, phone numbers, or grocery
Recording Voice Memos
To record a voice memo:
1. SelectMenu > Tools > Voice Memo.
2. Scroll to <Record New>and press . (The phone
prompts you to start recording after the beep.)
3. Wait for the beep and then start speaking. (As it is
recording, the phone displays a countdown timer that
shows how many seconds are left for recording.)
To end the recording of your memo:
Press .
To record a conversation during a phone call:
During a call, scroll to Record Voice Memoand
press . (A one-minute counter is displayed on the
screen to indicate the amountof time a single voice
memo can be recorded.)
To end the recording of your conversation:
Scroll to Stop Voice Memoand press to end the
recording prior to the countdown completion.
Note: Your phone can store a total ofthreeminutes of memos.
Voice Memo Options
To play the voice memos you have recorded:
1. Press Menu > Tools > Voice Memo.
Voice Services
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